Song Quynh Trading and Tours JSC


Room No 516 K2 Building, Viet Hung urban Area, Long Bien District

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Telefon: +84 3 7723329
Fax: +84 3 7723329
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SONG QUYNH JSC is a Vietnam’s company specialized in exporting handicraft made of traditional materials. Our products range from lacquer paintings, vases and products with high artistry, great level of sophistication as well as items made of buffalo horn or clamp shell, clamp shell jewelry in combination with silvery like fork, spoon, and salad server sets of various types.
Founded in 2006, SONG QUYNH JSC has a 10-year experience working with foreign customers. Thanks to regular dealing with customers from big fairs in Europe, America and Asia, we get a good understanding about the customers’ design requirements, strict quality standard and demanded durability of the products. Our products are of a great variety, not only showcase special features of our industry but also update the newest design trend of the era.
Furthermore, SONG QUYNH JSC has a highly skilled team of craftsmen under the direction of a highly experienced team of designers. Our company started exporting to European and North East Asian markets in 2006 and we are proud of satisfying the most demanding customers with our product and service quality.