Wei-Sen Paper Art Limited


No.12, Ln 485, Huasheng Rd.
Beigang Township, Yunlin, 65141

Bazaar Berlin 2017

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In 1949, Wei- Sen Paper Art Limited  founded by Mr. Chin-Ching Tsai. Wei- Sen Paper handicraft has been founded six decades who is only remaining of traditional paper-sculpture professional producer in Taiwan.
Different religions founded by the environment, nationality, history and culture around the world.  The cult is not the same and the statue of material production is neither.  Paper is the world's biggest inventions of civilization.  In the Arts and culture in the world China's Paper Art is leading the world.  Chinese religion originated in the early Shang and Zhou.  Use stone of satue to sacrifices for Tu Di Gong.  In Beijing Temple of Earth and its legacy can still be seen.  In the Zhou Dynasty appeared with straw for the surface and Colored Department of statues.  Known as Ge which were recorded in the Book of Rites Tan Gong articles, and its legacy can still be seen Taoist to help believers change lucky is used scarecrow.  Until The Eastern Han Cai Lun invented paper replace with licorice.  At this time, the first emergence of statues hanging scrolls.  Appeared semi-solid paper statues and bamboo strips lanterns and the large-scale three-dimensional paper statue the large-scale three-dimensional paper statue (seen in Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang li su articles).  In the Six Dynasties, the emergence of wood tire clay statues.  Until the Sui and Tang dynasties occasion, only wooden statues, statues appear.

The bamboo is the characteristic plant of Taiwan. It has the meaning of traditional Chinese Confucianisml " peace and quiet “ and " modest ". The pronunciation of bamboo in Chinese is same as wish."
Paper statues inherited over a thousand years of production technology.  Use the closest Eastern Han Cai Lun Bamboo as raw material for making handsheets to produce all kinds of paper art production.  In addition to producing traditional paper art statues.  In recent years, based on this technology to development more exquisite Chinese history dolls, pen, lucky piggy banks, bookmarks and masks.  Expand the market and sustainability.