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  • Anyksciai Art Incubator - Art Studio

    Anyksciai Art Incubator is an institution and an art studio uniting various kinds of artists. The Art incubator is located in Anyksciai, the small town in North-East of Lithuania. There are 18 artists established in the art incubator – graphic designers, photographers, the makers of the natural cosmetics, handicraftsman, the designers of applied textile and the designer of ceramics and glass. The Incubator encourages entrepreneurship of artists by organising various trainings and seminars on mar…
  • Brooches (juste.kam?)

    Brooches / Colorfull spectrum glass, hand drawing / Oak wood Each piece is unique. A glass disk that is decorated by hand with special paints and glazes is nestled in a piece of wood – usually oak. The designer only uses naturally fallen wood from the forests of Anykščiai to create this quaint fusion of glass and wood. Common size ~ 3,5 x 3,5 cm Inserted glass ~ 2 x 2 cm
  • Ceramic birds (Moliniai Rykai)

    These ceramic birds will brighten up any home. The pieces are inspired by techniques used in Renaissance and Medieval times as well as the beauty of the surrounding environment.
  • Ceramic tea box (Moliniai rykai)

    Ceramic boxes for tea. Suitable for food or other litle things. Height of the box - 7 or 11 cm.  
  • Glass house/ dreamcatcher (juste.kam?)

    Glass house/Dream catcher „Home is where your heart is“ Unique handicraft interior detail for your cozy home Hand painted glass house / Thick rope of wire Common lenght ~ 20 cm The whole universe in a piece of glass. justė · kam? glass art
  • Porcelain birds (Fox in the Fog)

    To decorate these intricate birds, the artist uses a technique called sgraffitto, which involves applying layers of contrasting colours to unfired clay or porcelain and then scratching off the design to reveal parts of the underlying layer. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Wooden boxes (Medzio Grafika)

    Tiny wooden boxes to hold your favourite trinkets. The sizes and shapes vary in order to show off the texture and natural patterns of the wood that they are made from.