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  • Quickshoelace d.o.o.

    This innvention was funded on kickstrter in 2017 and is basically new on the market. One hand tying elastic shoelace is a great solution for all generations, specially for kids, seniors but also for people with disabilities. Downsyndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, blindnes... The elastic lace is 1.2 m loong and can be clippped to the metal parts that are previusly tightened to the top of the shoe holes. The lenght is universal and is fixed and cutted by customer. We would like to make your life …
  • Quickshoelace - Elastic one-hand tying shoelace (violet)

    - 1 pair of shoelaces - Universal Length 1,2 m ( cutted by customer on the tight length) - 4 metal buckles ( round or spikes) - 4 screws - 4 discs ( a sliders or stopper - regulate the distance of the shoe) - special designed retro metal box Special designed for kids, seniors, fashionista but also so simple that can be used for people with disabilities